Learning new things every day, Netherlands

I do not use Facebook, I do not twitter, do not get involved with the mania of so called ‘social’ media. I do realize that writing down these words I am using social media!,,,but I fear lot of people are hooked to a system that is starting to control peoples lives. And even without al this social media use it is hard to keep the faith. I read more than one newspaper, read poetry ones in a while I walk to the beach I move the body to keep my mind open.
I love my work with young (so called) delinquent boys and girls. Some people call them lost, every day I find the meaning of live you may say some kind of peace with the so called lost people. And I feel every day that there is hope and progress possible when we keep looking each other in the eyes and listen carefully to each other. Everybody counts and is in need of attention and belonging and I am very aware of that.
And of course music in any form one desires is what keeps me going every day and helps me to reflect on the world around me.
I also love to scream when I feel like it in my miata, just permit myself to let go haha I am no saint!
Having ‘found’ Joyce DiDonato is one of the wonders in my life.
Thank you for doing what you do in performing in speaking out in teaching and your activism.
Your voice and what you create while singing is peace in itself for me and keeps me going when I feel like stopping.
Keep up the good work!

And so I ask you:
In the midst of chaos, how do you find peace?

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