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Captain Cloud

Watcher of Clouds, United States

"Information is
Not knowledge
Knowledge is
Not wisdom
Wisdom is not truth
Truth is not beauty
Beauty is not love
Love is not music
Music is the best..."
Frank Zappa
Music brings me peace.

Music brings me peace
Captain Cloud

Mark Simmons

Just a person in a cage., United Kingdom

Born with cerebral palsy quadriplegia and instituted from society/home at 5 my world can be best described as like a panther trapped in a cage wanting to be free, yet my music sets me free in my mind of darkness, I cannot speak yet I can sing. I cannot stand yet I can dance, hearing a beat allows me to cry, fly, smile and laugh, for in this world I am free!

Olmo Blanco

Countertenor, Spainhttps://www.youtube.com/c/OlmoBlancoCountertenor

A través de los sentimientos que el arte puede aportar incluso cuando se ve todo negro, sin futuro y sin salida positiva. Solo el arte ha sido capaz de transmitirme sentimientos de positivismo y esperanza en mundo perdido lleno de odio y rencor.

Mariana Sousa

Emocional, passionate and colorful, Portugal

I find peace through music and nature <3

Nia Walker

A 25 year old girl who chooses to always see the good in humanity before the bad., United Kingdom

Music always makes me smile and helps me find a sense of calm...so I sing!! Not well, but I sing. When I'm singing I can be anyone or anywhere, even when I'm in a crowded office.

William Bloom

to some i am a vessel; to others, an anchor., United States

Whatever gifts God has graciously given to me, I give away.

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And so I ask you:
In the midst of chaos, how do you find peace?

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