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Human, South Africa

I meditate to get rid of chaos sticking to me and to let go of chaos I'm holding on to. Then I try to put as much love and kindness into the world as possible. Only light can drive out darkness...



I write.



After experiencing live the concert "In War and Peace" in the Philharmonie in Munich yesterday, I found my total inner peace, it was the most wonderful and peaceful thing there can be. It helps me to be at peace and I want to do my best.


Curious, pensive, listening, Germany

I find peace when I am sharing my time with horses. Just giving each other a good feeling - pure and simple, with respect and without fear 💞

Hans-Joachim SCHUMANN

longing for modesty and humility, Germany

Singing in the miss at the communio the proprium of the week
from the neumes Laon 239 (latin, around 900) and peaces from the bible of Martin Luther from 1534 just improvised
(also as a sign of the not divided church).

thank you a lot for your concert in Halle and for your question

Hans-Joachim and Traute Schumann,
[email protected]

Daniela Schönherr

traveller, teacher, triathlete, ... human being, Germany

I find my peace maybe in different ways, e. g. travelling a lot and seeing the beauty of our world in so many different ways, but also doing sports and enjoying art and music help me to find my inner peace.

If I think of ‚peace‘ in general, I always think of sharing it with other people. I try to find time for others (family, friends, colleagues, my pupils and even those I don‘t know) to listen to them. That‘s not always easy in a time when time is that rare, but it helps to get connected with others . Maybe it‘s the one thing my mother told me that often „you have to catch the little things/moments, they are sometimes more valuable than the bigger ones“. I think she was right!

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And so I ask you:
In the midst of chaos, how do you find peace?

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