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Anna Szentes

Singer student of the Franz Liszt Academy, coloratura soprano, Hungaryhttps://www.facebook.com/aszentes/

Listening to Joyce!! :) <3 She is my favourite singer. Her creativity and positive energy inspires me a lot as a singer. My big dream is to do a masterclass with her... In today's chaotic world music is one of the truest ways to find our inner peace. We are blessed to have the opportunity to lift up people with our voices, and making music, giving comfort, or the opposite, enter to the depth of human personality and bring strong and hidden emotions on the surface. Only music can do this magic! Joyce's art always reminds me and brings me back to the honesty of this profession. Why do we sing? Yes, we are chosen to be prophets, we are ambassadors of culture, REAL values, REAL feelings, always walking on the way of learning to be ourselves as artists. "The world needs YOU!" -she says. I am thrilled and very excited to meet her in person tonight in Budapest! And I hope she will read this... Thanks Joyce, for your true art! You are a real idol for me! See you tonight in the Palace of Arts! <3 Anna Szentes

Dr. Dagmar Neblung

teacher of ancient Greek and Latin, lover of classical music, Germany

Just two simple peace giving things:
I take a walk through now open Brandenburg Gate in my beloved free hometown Berlin and begin immediately to trust in miracles for the better
I see the exuberant, innocent joy of a little child, take a smile with me and believe in a good, peaceful future.

Caitriona Shaffrey

Mum of 5, architect, Ireland

Joyce DiDonato gave us an unforgettable evening where we
forgot every issue and listened enthralled - it was so very special.


Passionate. Caring. But carrying a lot of angst and pain., Ireland

Joyce Didonato opened my soul to peace through music and art last night in Dublin. In 40 years of concert and opera going she showed me how art and creativity can transform and transcend. The audience was speechless as it left the auditorium, many found it just too difficult to speak, only able to cry tears of joy and happiness. The opposite to war truly is creativity. This concert was a watershed. Brendan. Ireland


A teacher who devoted all her life to Education, Spain

. Peace, solidarity and acceptance of those who are different values should be taught from kindergarden to university.
. To introduce meditation techniques to all levels of Education.
. It is easier to generate peace around if everybody is in peace with themselves.


Singer, human, empath, United States

I find peace through making a small impact. My voice is my choice of weapon. I share my music with other people because I want to communicate and empathize. You never know what impact you will have on someone in your audience; what kind of difference it will make.

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And so I ask you:
In the midst of chaos, how do you find peace?

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