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Jen-Pin LIN

Music lover, Taiwanhttps://bonart.com.tw/after-joyce-didonato-taiwan-premier-2019/

Listen to you, dear Joyce, I really feel calm and peace, thank you for your wonderful concert at Taipei! Bravo!!! Jen-Pin LIN

Talmage Bandy

Caring and kind., United States

I find peace in holding my precious little dog, James and reading poetry to him!


Loving kind, United States

I often find my peace threw love it conquers everything the love that God has for me. In my family. The strength that my husband haves the love from our daughter thats my peace.


Creator; Empath; Author. Third-Culture., United States

I've been a fighter since the moment my memory began. As an artist, I channeled the energies into my work. Yet, to what degrees must we prolong the chaos and let the world know that we are hurting? I believe, that we do eventually find whatever it is that we set out to look for. Towards personal peace, I have surrendered my fight, in exchange for flow. Between Brooklyn and Manhattan, I take the ferry instead of crowding on subway cars with millions of others battling and creating their own chaos. I remember the why of my existence and being. I focus on my calling.

Ingrid Maria Linhart

I am living peace most of my life. I am also an ordained peace minister., Austriahttps://www.facebook.com/Magazin-Harmonie-Ingrid-Maria-Linhart-1844410488983288/?modal=admin_todo_tour

I am doing Yoga and meditate!

Theo van Driel


I find peace in a house of hope in Apeldoorn (the Netherlands), the place where I live. The name of that place is "the inn" or guesthouse. All people from the village are welcome tot visit. It doesn't matter who you are. It's like a family, It's a place of love and peace.

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And so I ask you:
In the midst of chaos, how do you find peace?

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