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Retired old guy, United States

I work, read about the Enlightenment, and sleep - not necessarily in that order. And, of course, opera, ballet, modern dance, friends, family, theater, Youtube, gardening, and one of my personal favorites -- studying clouds -- white ones, puffy ones, high ones, low ones, big ones, small ones. This all works pretty good, actually.

Carolina Minhoto


I find peace in the embrace of my children, within the purest love.


I have a mind of my own. I believe in myself. I love opera, reading, and silence., Argentina

I find peace reading books that were written out of conviction or certainty, turning my cellphone off, and listening to silence. I also find peace when I do my job as a citizen or a professional. I find peace thinking that we all can make the difference out of our small own behavior. Finally, I do find peace focusing on the present moment.



I brake a deep breath and stand still for a moment.

Trinidad Goyeneche

Opera singer, Argentina

I look at my son's face and I think of his still blank mind and all the beautiful things he still has to learn from this world, especially the most precious gift I can give him. Music.

Davi Pinhata


I find peace concentrating in the present moment, in the breathing act and in the solid ground that I step.

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And so I ask you:
In the midst of chaos, how do you find peace?

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