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Alice ter Meulen

Diva in spe, United Kingdom

listening to Lascia by you

Mark B

Peaceful Paddy, Ireland

I think of the people, and dogs (Jack & Angus), I love, and I always try to remain tranquil and calm, despite the alleged chaos. When one can compartmentalise and solve problems, this will keep chaos at bay, and the flag of peace will always fly.


United States

Through compassion and love 🏹❤💕🌹


Soprano in training, Loves animals, supporter and Armenian, United States

I try to remain calm! Sometimes in certain situations there is always something that effect myself. I tend to question myself a lot, But I try to think positive by thinking about my dreams and goals of being a soprano! Music is what brings me peace, especially if its soothing or upbeat.

Henning Schultz

A lucky man in a peaceful corner of the world, Denmark

Hold on the love. The highest step for human beings.
(Hold fast ved kærligheden, som er det største et menneske kan få og give. Written in Danish)

Jane Hanson

Teacher, healer, writer, peacemaker, United Kingdomhttp://www.onedayonechoir.org

I sit still and go inside to hear my own inner music. I also quietly focus on expanding and growing www.onedayonechoir.org - a growing singing and peace project that came to me in that inner still - to inspire people around the globe to unite and sing in their communities, for harmony and peace, on World Peace Day - Sept 21. (I also sing in a wonderful London Choir).

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And so I ask you:
In the midst of chaos, how do you find peace?

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