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Nia Walker

A 25 year old girl who chooses to always see the good in humanity before the bad., United Kingdom

Music always makes me smile and helps me find a sense of calm...so I sing!! Not well, but I sing. When I'm singing I can be anyone or anywhere, even when I'm in a crowded office.

William Bloom

to some i am a vessel; to others, an anchor., United States

Whatever gifts God has graciously given to me, I give away.


without music life would be a mistake, United States

I have always turned to music. What I find most interesting in this present moment of chaos, is that I crave Baroque opera, though I am a great fan of other periods and instruments. Perhaps I need the sense of order, the knowledge that resolution is not far away.

Daniela B.

musician as a hobbie, Argentina

con la música, haciéndola y escuchándola


sing-activist, United States

In the perfection of nature, and with the knowledge that I am not alone.

Rev Paul Sr

Street Ministry and through-composed singer on a journey., United States

I sit in silence with God. I sing out to Him wherever I am.

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And so I ask you:
In the midst of chaos, how do you find peace?

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