In the midst of chaos,
how do you find peace?

En medio del caos,
¿cómo encuentras paz?

In mezzo al caos
tu come fai a trovare la pace?


Comment trouver la paix
au milieu du chaos?

فى وسط الصخب كيف تصل الى السلام.

Hoe vind je vrede temidden
van alle chaos?

Inmitten von Chaos,
wie finden Sie Frieden?

Kuinka löydät rauhan sekasorron keskellä?


Recently Submitted…

Nia Walker

A 25 year old girl who chooses to always see the good in humanity before the bad., United Kingdom

Music always makes me smile and helps me find a sense of I sing!! Not well, but I sing. When I'm singing I can be anyone or anywhere, even when I'm in a crowded office.

William Bloom

to some i am a vessel; to others, an anchor., United States

Whatever gifts God has graciously given to me, I give away.


without music life would be a mistake, United States

I have always turned to music. What I find most interesting in this present moment of chaos, is that I crave Baroque opera, though I am a great fan of other periods and instruments. Perhaps I need the sense of order, the knowledge that resolution is not far away.

Daniela B.

musician as a hobbie, Argentina

con la música, haciéndola y escuchándola


sing-activist, United States

In the perfection of nature, and with the knowledge that I am not alone.

Rev Paul Sr

Street Ministry and through-composed singer on a journey., United States

I sit in silence with God. I sing out to Him wherever I am.

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Joyce DiDonato, mezzo-soprano
Il Pomo d'Oro
Maxim Emelyanychev, harpsichord & direction

In War &


The pendulum of human history has continuously swung between despair and hope, horror and bliss, chaos and tranquility. We are a restless bunch, prone to desperation, isolation and violence in some moments, and yet, mercifully, to optimism and generosity in others.

As a citizen of the world in 2016, at times I am overwhelmed by the temptation to spiral down into the turmoil and pessimism that seemingly invades all corners of our lives, pulling me into the dispiriting din of upheaval which can devastate the spirit. And yet, I’m a belligerent, proud, willing optimist. I resist.

And so I ask myself: Is it possible to find a sincere and lasting peace within such deafening chaos? And if so, how can I access it? Is there an alternative to simply surrendering to the inevitable noise and our base fears, instead choosing serenity, audaciously silencing those fears?

For centuries, creators of great art have been depicting atrocity and pandemonium alongside tranquility and harmony for centuries, boldly showing us both our brutal nature and our elevated humanity. Art unifies, transcends borders, connects the disconnected, eliminates status, soothes turmoil, threatens power and the status-quo, and gloriously exalts the spirit. Art is a valiant path to peace.

With the help of Handel and Purcell, among other masters, I respectfully invite you look at the interwoven worlds of external conflict and serenity, internal war and peace, and to contemplate where you wish to reside within yourself.

As I have tried to convey in this selection of music, the power to bravely tip the scales towards peace lies firmly within every single one of us.

And so I ask you: In the midst of chaos, how do you find peace?