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I smile :) There's no better and immediate spread of kindness, and no more instant receive of kindness than a simple, sincere smile.

This little, absolutely delightful, and surprisingly profound childhood song has been my mantra for years: https://youtu.be/zjTgC5r5HxU

Lyrics are:

With a smile a dark day gets brighter
With a smile the rainbow in the sky wakes up
Give your smile away freely
And it will return to you more than once.

And then for sure
The clouds will dance in the sky
And the little cricket will play its fiddle
A blue brook starts the river,
A smile starts a friendship ever after.

With one sunny smile
The saddest rain stops crying,
The good sleepy forest comes out of silence
And starts clapping its green hands.

A smile brings warmth to all
To the elephant and to the tiny snail
Let then everywhere in the world
Like little lanterns the smiles turn on.

And so I ask you:
In the midst of chaos, how do you find peace?

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