Carolyne Kemp

I'm an IT consultant, interior designer, mother and more., United Kingdom

I recently attended the fabulous concert at the Barbican. The concert was understated, authentic and very uplifting. My friend and I were particularly impressed with Joyce’s words to the audience at the end of the concert (in addition to her wonderful singing and the inspiring orchestra). I didn’t open her card until after the concert so wasn’t able to leave my message on how I find peace.

Here’s my thoughts. It’s difficult not to become overwhelmed with all recent events but it’s important to be positive. I’ve sung with a community choir for the past six years and have just joined a new choir. I truly believe if more people sang together the world would be a better place. A choir offers focus, commitment, distraction, pleasure, community and so much more. I constantly try to persuade friends and family to do the same. Whenever I’m struggling, my body and mind physically change within a short time once I begin to sing.

Thanks to Joyce and her team for a wonderful concert.

And so I ask you:
In the midst of chaos, how do you find peace?

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