Sir Thomas Allen

Baritone/Stage Director

July 15 2016: We've awoken to another day of horror, of utter tragedy and a reminder of the savagery man can do to man. Chaos is with us every day and seems to advance, now to a point from which one can see no light of a more peaceful time.

No Man is an Island, the words of great John Donne. Under such stress and violence one might wish to be.

How easily we have become accustomed to the news of atrocity across the world, just as we did daily, in English towns and cities for three decades.

Violence encroaches and reminds you of its closeness when you can say, "I knew that person" or "My brother was caught up in that act”. Thank God so few of us have to use those words.

And whilst that remains the case, I take strength in my belief that the world is predominantly made up of good people, of folk who do good things every day of their lives. They don't have to be heroes, nor save lives. They simply act in a kindly compassionate way toward their fellow man, without account of colour creed or religion.

One act of kindness by one toward another.

That is all it takes. It happens everywhere at this very moment. I know that for a fact; I hold that knowledge dear, and it gives heart to me, knowing I am not alone in the belief that each small act contributes to the peace I feel in me.

And so I ask you:
In the midst of chaos, how do you find peace?

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