mf langelaar

cook, Netherlands

Dear Joyce, I just saw your performance at Podium Witteman and I was flabbergasted. And the interview after really inspired me. I did not know you, nor am I a great opera lover. But as I looked you up on Spotify, I stumbled upon La Cenerola, the Rossini opera you sang. And that made a connection in my mind with your question. Some years ago I saw Fellini's Otto e mezzo. It never left me, I 've seen it many times again. The ouvertures of Rossini play a big role in the film, Marcello Mastroianni as Fellini keeps singing the melodies, especially when he is in distress. The film reflected the creational crisis of the artist Fellini and turned out to be his best film. I connect with the protagonist and it so it sooths me.
At similar length, I find comfort with much of Stevie Wonder's music. this is my answer to your question, and I too believe in the strength of music and art in general although I still breed on finding a stronger tool. Thank you for this beautiful project!

And so I ask you:
In the midst of chaos, how do you find peace?

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