Martin Hellman

Stanford Professor, husband, and human, United States

I found peace amid chaos by looking for the source of turmoil within myself, rather than blaming others. This was most important, and most successful, in my marriage. Mistakes that my wife Dorothie and I both made caused us to go from being madly in love when we met fifty years ago, to being headed for a divorce about ten years later. The good news: Via a process for which I have to give Dorothie most of the credit, we are back madly in love again. Explaining how we did that would take a book ... so we wrote one ("A New Map for Relationships"). Yes, a shameless book plug, but we're not out to make a buck. In fact, we're using my half of this year's million dollar ACM Turing Award to promote the ideas. We could have thrown a party, but trying to help humanity "find peace amid chaos" is so much more meaningful. Thank you Joyce DiDonato for your efforts to highlight our human potential. It is limitless if we will open our hearts and minds. Martin Hellman, Stanford University

And so I ask you:
In the midst of chaos, how do you find peace?

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