Kirsten Jüdt

tree hugger, wanderer, loves lavender and roses, curious about this thing called life, Germany

When (my inner) chaos feels overwhelming, in order to find peace, I decide to become fully present in my pain, my loss, my despair, my breaking, my rage (not easy!) and allow myself to feel what I feel without judgement.

I send light to my inner child, embracing it with the love of the universe and tell myself that it’ll be okay and that it’s okay to feel. As I’ve learned, emotions come and pass, it’s the holding on that may lead to the chaos in the first place.

Because, for me, the only way out of the chaos is to go in first and then go even deeper where I can ultimately invite myself to let go – the easiest/hardest thing to do – and create a safe space that helps me to find the way through all of it.

I remind myself that I’m so blessed to be alive and live the human experience - yes, all of it. I allow myself to love (myself) again.

And I find peace in silence&meditation, in nature (trees, the ocean), in listening to what is around me, in music, in art, in laughter, in crying, in a shared smile, in creating.


And so I ask you:
In the midst of chaos, how do you find peace?

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