Diana Amati

Opera Singer & Composer, United Stateshttp://www.DianaAmati.com

As an opera singer, I am most at peace when I embrace my vulnerabilities and allow my emotions to shine through my artistry. Ironically, when I try to hide my inner storms is when I feel the wind stronger and the earth shake more fervently beneath my feet. To let go, to take it in stride, to learn to ride the waves and embrace the storm with dignity and grace- that's when I am most at peace. I've found that the biggest storm is just trying to recognize that sometimes it's ok to not be ok. We are all affected by war- whether it's a physical battle on our homeland or afar, a war of ideologies, or even a war within our own selves, we all play a role on the battlefield. So what's your role? Are you an on-looker, front-line fighter, first aid medic, or peacekeeper? While we might not be able to necessarily determine the outcome of a war, we do play an important role and can find within ourselves a sense of peace in the midst of devastation or triumph. It's not the size of one's army but their character and fortitude that determines success. I believe that if you can find joy and peace in the midst of the storm, then you've already won the battle.

And so I ask you:
In the midst of chaos, how do you find peace?

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