Richard Stilwell

Baritone and Teacher

We strive to be artists and create pictures with our voices the way a painter highlights and creates shadows with her brushes. We strive to be poets with the text of a song and deliver a message which will touch the depths of the soul with poignancy, or create laughter to relieve tensions brought on by such as the world's unrest. And through it all we strive to be fine actors, conjuring up space and time of another era, and in that sense we become historical educators. Ultimately, we render music to an audience of racial, cultural, and ethnic differences, realizing the message we impart has neither racial, cultural, nor ethnic boundaries. In THAT sense, we are truly ambassadors of good will to all people! Will our performance bring peace to a troubled world? Perhaps not, but the artistry we share CAN inspire beyond our imagination. Never under estimate the healing properties, the restorative powers of the human voice. Delight in its potential for remedies. The ills of the world will always be with us, but we can do our part to project positiveness and goodness through music. This philosophy and approach to life brings me peace in a chaotic world.

And so I ask you:
In the midst of chaos, how do you find peace?

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