Mbanzamihigo Johnson

A freedom fighter in Rwandan Genocide who fought to stop the mass killings in 1994. Also affected personally by the Genocide, losing family members killed by my best friend.

We people we should learn to love each other. We have to avoid bad jealousies between us and killing each other. What is most important is to forgive each other, starting from Politicians to Business Men down to lower class people.

As a Freedom Fighter, I look forward for sustainable reconciliation within a country and Peace building all over the world through Education and true story telling. I wish to meet many other groups of people who have the same ideology of peace-building. I work in tourism as a Tour Guide and I pass my message for any one who's interested.

Others should follow what our President Kagame is doing to develop the country and very good reconciliation system and Government members who help him to move our country forward and the Rwandese people, who today have better ideology for building the country.

Rwandese we now are One.

And so I ask you:
In the midst of chaos, how do you find peace?

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